Poko Pano Swim 2013

beach skirtSunset at the Oasis Tent for the Poko Pano Show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim was the place to be and be seen. The amazing Tent is completely clear so the tropical weather shows right through; rain or shine. The Poko Pano Swim 2013 in vibrant tropical colors and prints was one of the most wearable collections for Fashion Week. The colors and styles, swimwear and coverups all went together with a lively mix and match versatility that gave this a true Collection feel. There was a little something for every body type and taste that makes it one of the most salable collections as well. The juicy Tango Tangerine (Pantone color of the Year) was throughout in bikinis, floral prints, coverup skirts, and even accessories. One dress was made of discs that brought delight to the audience. There was a definite 70s feel to the entire show (for that matter many Fashion Week Shows) with long micro striped skirts and headbands. Poko Pano finished up with a trio of looks with bird motifs harking back to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Groovy.


bikini bikini bikini
bikini caftan dress
bikini beach skirt bikini back

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