Aguaclara Swim 2013

From the rugged breathtaking coast of Peru comes the stunning Aguaclara Swim 2013 Collection. Glints of the sea and sand, sparkles of the shimmering waters, sultry heat of the jungle, it is all there in this amazing swimwear line. Designer Liliana Villalobos had a very daring, sensual spirit when she envisioned this collection. The monokinis are glamorous and very James Bond Girl evocative. The bikinis and trims on the swimwear show her delight in luxury and the feminine shape. The beach gowns and coverups have a Grecian almost bridal look to them. As one of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim highlighted emerging designers, this was a very mature and sophisticated collection.

bikini monokini bikini
bikini beach gown monokini


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