Sauvage Swim 2013

This year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami brought more designers than ever to the hot sexy beaches that are glittering with beautiful people. The event always gets some new emerging designers that Mercedes Benz brings to the front in a special show. Designer Elizabeth Southwood from Sauvage Swim and Luxe by Sauvage in California was one of the highlighted designers to make a debut on the Miami runway. This collection was pure Hollywood Glamour. Indeed we could easily see a Kardashian or two wearing one of these beautiful bikinis or monokinis on the beaches of LA. The embellishments and fabrics brought this collection to the bling-bling, glamour level worthy of a Hollywood Star. This is where the LBB (Little Black Bikini) replaces the LBD. Now pose and flash that smile for the paparazzi.

bikini swim wear runway bikini
monokini bikini monokini

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