Spa Month

spa entranceEveryone in Miami who loves a little pampering knows that July and August are Spa Month. Spas around the region have specials that are right around the $99 mark. Services can range from mani-pedis and facials to full 75 minute massages for two. Most of the locations are the large hotels that have thriving spas. They may, however, limit the times you may use the Spa Month services. Now Miami Olivia has tried several of these luscious treatments and most have been sinfully wonderful. The choice for July was the incredible One Bal Harbour Resort and Spa.

To begin with the path to the spa is indoor dark wood over a flowing stream that comes from a dripping wall. The soothing sounds instantly relax and invite. Soft robes and slippers replace constrictive clothing as you wait in a cozy room with teas, fruit infused waters and gentle music. Then you are led to your room which overlooks the inlet to the blazing blue sea. Palm trees sway in the distance. All is peace.

Miami Olivia chose the ginseng massage with hot stones. The head to toe massage was 75 minutes of pure, indulgent relaxation and stress removal. Special attention is given to problem areas. The hot stones are well oiled and used to further relax and smooth the muscles of the back.  The ginseng infused oils gave such moisture to the skin that it brought a glow to the surface and didn’t wash off with the first shower.


No Spa treatment is complete without a little nourishment and there is nothing quite like lunch by the pool. So after reluctantly leaving the inner sanctum of the Spa, we continued our day of pampering with a crisp salad topped with mango marinated grilled shrimp. The palm trees were still swaying and the turquoise water could be seen over the tops of the cabana sofas. This was a perfect way to rejuvenate after the craziness of Fashion Week Swim. We may just have to come back for August.

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