Skaist Taylor – The Gloves are Off


Believe us when we say we’ve been to a lot of fashion shows. Nine Fashion Weeks with over 30 Shows each, sometimes 9 a day. It’s hard to keep it all straight. But last night was just one fun Fashion Show. Just as the sun was turning the Miami sky to a Cosmo Pink, we were heading over the causeway to Collins Ave. and down the palm tree lined Inner-Coastal to the glitzy Bal Harbour Shops. This was more than just a Fashion Show, more than a clothing launch. This was the rebirth of a friendship and re-launch of a career that forged a Brand that is now a household word: Juicy Couture. Pamela and Gela, with a friendship as close as US Olympic Volleyball Gold Medalists Misty May and Kerry Walsh, have re-united and what’s more they have added fur. The long-time LA duo sat for an interview before the show stating that they have adopted California Eccentric: “The Gloves are Off” as the byline for their new brand: Skaist Taylor.  What’s in the past is in the past. We’ve all been there. What is important is the future not only of fashion but this chic, so very LA brand. So while attendees had mainicures by NailBar and sipped Chambord French Martinis and ate fabulous bites, the fun began. Skaist and Taylor showed everything from gold lamé dresses to funky green tee shirts. Crepe gowns with tiered ruffles topped by dyed fur and leather jackets, long sheerling coats, open back sweater, and tie-dyed men’s blazers showed that they haven’t lost their quirky charm when those gloves came off. There were some luscious python booties that will be all the rage once those are released. Drawing on their success with jewelry from Juicy Couture, there was an entire line of sparkly gems in everything from bracelets to brooches. One brooch, designed for the launch was available with purchase. The entire collection supports Eco-Green, as seen in color and statement choices for the Fall Season. Gela even sported green ombre hair for the event. It makes us believe that everyone should kiss and makeup.

gold dress green gown gown back
blue pants boot fur jacket
shearling coat beaded top sweater and pant


menswear Menswear jacket menswear


martinis cupcakes
brooches brooch

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