Honor Spring 2013

When an opera singer decides to be a fashion designer there are all kinds of artistic touches that become infused in every collection. Giovanna Randall showed a bit of her Italian heritage in her Spring 2013 Honor (so named for her beloved sister)  Collection. Rich with floral patterns, ruffles and gathered skirts, it brought along images of spring parties in the garden. Delicate and intensely feminine, ladylike to the max, each piece was almost a tribute to Old World values when being in the garden was a slightly more formal event than it is today. Gowns and skirts showed structure, giving them a full appearance, emphasizing the floral patterns and spring garden colors of the fabric. Satin blouses had high ruffled collars and short shorts were paired with cropped jackets in almost bashful sexiness. The final gowns, easily wedding gowns, had ultra sheer panels with petal snips over, that showed scintillating skin and other unmentionables right through the fabric. What seemed like ladies in the garden may just have been nymphs playing among the flowers.

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