Christian Siriano Spring 2013

Who would have ever thought that Project Runway could produce a designer the caliber of  Christian Siriano? The huge attendance and crowd that jams together on benches to see what he can do is a testament to the giant that he has become. Does it have anything to do with his designs, does the fashion itself dictate where this has gone? Or is this all part of the Reality Show Stardom that he has fallen into?  That question is soundly answered as soon as you see the show. This was not theatrical in a stage sense, except for the music by Brad Walsh, his boyfriend. The drama was all in the collection. The theme for Spring 2013 came from ballerinas. From the up-swept buns, mid-calf gathered skirts, touches of glitter on the toes, to the soft pastel colors; this was Ballerinas in the Spring Garden. The intensely feminine collection of skirts, pants, dresses and finally gowns (that looked Swan Lake ready) with touches of feathers, everything was a pale perfect confection. Sweet without saccharine, soft without fussiness, shiny without glare; Christian Siriano is designing for the sophisticated woman who goes out on the town, a lot.  Will he ever be taken seriously among the thundering Parisian greats? Who knows, and quite frankly, who cares? His show closes with a cheer so loud it seems suddenly like a sports stadium. Whether the fashion gods like it or not, Christian Siriano is loved. Miami Olivia knows why. Two words: Cute Shoes. There was not a woman watching the show that didn’t want to run down to the runway and grab a pair of those pastel blue heels with bows on the back. Some were sighing, some were shrieking. No one cares that he designed for Payless Shoes. He could have sold hundreds of pairs backstage after the show. There is something Siriano knows and that is what girls want. They think he’s fabulous. That is all.

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