Nicole Miller Spring 2013

Something about a Nicole Miller fashion show always makes sense. She introduces colors and styles, next she mixes them in pleasing ways, then she shows you how to wear it all together.  Nicole never loses her sense of style. While nothing like the infamous Audrey Hepburn, who said: “Everyone has her own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it”,  Nicole Miller’s style is that knife edge blend of Rocker Chick and Artist; Bad-Girl with a Soul. And it seems a bit French in the romantic way. Her pastel Monet-like watery colors cut into black leather in panels, gussets and streaming from hemlines only emphasizes that Miller is an artist in the sense that she is willing to mix mediums until she gets it right. But every single piece is something one wants to wear. In her glamorous stores, the floors are dark wood, the walls are cream like sheer curtains billowing in the wind. Items are lined up in mini collections. From her fashion shows that flow and make sense, to her stores, to her designs, we believe Nicole Miller is getting it and should continue to do so. She’s just that cool.

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