Rebecca Taylor Spring 2013

Rebecca Taylor loves road trips. And David Bowie. Yeah, and maybe summer. Not sure if it’s in that order but those were the inspirations behind her Spring 2013 Collection that swept the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York today. Like postcards from somewhere fun, each look was like an outfit on a different day of a summer vacation. Rebecca knows how to work with her customers: give what them they like to wear. Simple. Well, she admits to gently persuading them to try different things or perhaps worn in a way they never have before. For the most part, though, she just wants to have a good time and she wants the girls she dresses to have fun too. Bare legs with swirly, girly circle skirts, halter tops, silky shorts, cat-eye sunnies, powder blue pants and lightweight dresses; everything to pack for a convertible summer of life. Thank you Rebecca Taylor for giving us permission to keep it light and have some  fun.

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