Chris Benz Spring 2013

Chris Benz is the boy from Seattle who is taking over the fashion industry, one polka dot at a time. The brilliant pink hair in contrast to the brilliant blue eyes all seem part of the crazy, fun, over-the-top world Mr. Benz is busy creating. Eschewing a runway show for the conservatory of Avrey Fisher Hall, he sets up his draping fabrics circus style and props each model on a little soap box type stand. This all results in a lot of attention as the presentation can almost be seen from Lincoln Center fountain. The cocktail subsequent to the show certainly can be seen from there. And it has become the place to see and be seen. The famous are flocking to see the guy with the pink hair and zany fashion. Oh, and maybe have a glass of bubbly. Is it enough? Ask Joan Rivers, of Fashion Police, because she was there all microphones and cameras. This Spring 2013 collection was just as playfully presented as the last ones but we are noticing a shift, even if ever so slight, to grown up clothing. Some of the looks were truly timeless in essence. This dancing, carefree, Chris Benz girl just might have a few meetings to attend and she might need a suit and a handbag or two. It is a nice progression this pink haired boy from Seattle is taking. We can’t wait to see what he will come up with next.

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