Tracy Reese Spring 2013

Coming off the triumph of dressing First Lady Michelle Obama, for the Democratic National Convention, Tracy Reese had some pretty big shoes to fill; her own. The custom dress that Mrs. Obama wore was stunning and more importantly, it was televised worldwide for about an hour. You can’t get better publicity than that. So coming into this Spring 2013 Collection, she must have known that she would have to give the people more of that fabulous fashion and make it accessible by filling every woman’s dream to look chic. These are working clothes. Clothes for women who are comfortable with their femininity but also have a lot of power. These are women who don’t have to try as hard as the ones that are unsure of either. This is the Tracy Reese woman. They like dresses, they like color, they like soft fluttery fabrics, but they also like to get their jobs done. Every look in the massive Spring 2013 collection was just that. And after the monochrome palette that had been shown thus far at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, all that color was shockingly welcome. It was a wake up call. The light went on and everyone was reminded that this is a Spring Collection, and we will have color.

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