Victoria Beckham Spring 2013

It’s difficult to remember, those of us in fashion, that this is Victoria Beckham’s second career.  This woman was in a world re-known, teeny-bopper Girl Band: The Spice Girls. More specifically, Mrs. Beckham was Posh Spice. She already has star-power, she is now proving she has design sense. With the cutting edge elegance and refinement of the Spring 2013 Collection, it is not difficult to see that this is where her passions lie; firmly in Fashion. For Spring she chose a monochrome palette shot right through the middle with brilliant orange. Orange has been hugely prevalent in all of the Spring 2013 designer’s collections, but Victoria used a richly saturated hue to punctuate rather than overpower. The effect was one of contemporary artistic maturity and declaration. This was her best collection yet. With clean lines, almost sporty and completely wearable, she expresses her talent with small movements. This, by no means, reveals simplicity. The details are purposeful if succinct.  Sometimes an entire look can be change with the addition of a pencil-thin stripe in an unexpected color. And let us remember it was Victoria who has re-ushered in the Skater Dress, seen repeatedly for Spring 2013. The addition of small clutches meshes perfectly with the line. What is unexpected are the subtle sheer hem ruffles on skirts, giving the collection a touch of softness. Victoria has a way of allowing a glimpse of the power of sexuality to peek through with small but unmistakable cutouts in just the right places. The minimalism continues but she does say that she designs clothes she would like to wear. If you want to know who she is: This Collection is Victoria.

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