Diane Von Furstenberg Spring 2013

How can it be that the mother of all the Fashion Industry is the most innovative? Diane Von Furstenberg, heretofore known at DVF, made History with her Spring 2013 Collection at Lincoln Center. She, several models, and Google founder Sergy Brin all sported the amazing Google Glasses during the show to record it from their individual perspectives. It was an exciting time. Everyone loves being part of history in the making, especially when it is a positive thing. The video will be live on September 13th. The idea is that the glasses alert the wearer to things in their surroundings that they couldn’t otherwise see without checking in on their smartphone. DVF team added color to match the looks on the runway. So after all that techno-amazingness how was the show? DVF had been hitting the younger fashionistas up pretty hard of late and today with Spring 2013 it was no exception. Glittery mirror lips hung from everywhere in the room, reflecting color, excitement and energy. The show opened with backless pantsuits, cutout dresses, sporty wide stripes, crazy neon colors, insane shoes and covetable little handbags. It’s all there. Diane knows what the girls want and she gives it to them on a silver platter. Of course, Miami Olivia LOVED the color combo of Aqua and Orange. Shiny short shorts and dress panels blinged up the runway. It’s the younger college girls that are grabbing up DVF now. Of course all of us love her wrap dresses and flowing tunics with leggings and tight jeans. Diane is incredibly versitile and now she’s a techno wizard as well.

We will be updating this post with a link to the Google Glasses as soon as it’s live.

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