Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2013

With the first look fiercely overtaking the Bibhu Mohapatra Spring 2013 runway at Lincoln Center the eyes spin and do a little dance. The inset motif on the garment is like looking at one of those really expensive kaleidoscopes; it is positively mesmerizing. But the whole amazing journey did not stop there.  Dresses, skirts, pants, blouses, gowns  just kept presenting the fantastic kaleidoscope theme in a parade of vibrant and soft colors. The incredible talent of the designer was that the theme presented throughout the entire collection. Even single color pieces had the shattered glass look using hand stitched glass beads or embedded in the fabric. You hear the word Stunning perhaps a bit too much in Fashion, but this collection truly fit the adjective. And that doesn’t even begin to discuss the amazing handbags and innovative shoes. His background in evening wear and the work he has done with other designers in the past has only positioned him for greater things. From his first showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in 2009 until this astonishing Spring 2013 one, his expertise in couture continues to develop in depth. The level of detail was beyond what you normally see in Ready to Wear, yet his Fall Collection is available at Bergdorf Goodmans. Rightly deserved to be called a Rising Star among designers. We are left somewhat speechless at this collection and will let the images speak for themselves.

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