Ralph Lauren Spring 2013

Let’s face the facts. Ralph Lauren knows fashion. He wrote the book on American Fashion as we know it today. There isn’t one person out there that doesn’t own at least one piece of Ralph Lauren. Be it Pony Polos, shoes, handbags or jeans, he kinda does it all. But when he puts on a runway show, he puts the final say to New York Fashion Week. His loyal following is so vast that he must put the show on twice (and for this we are grateful). It has been said he is predictable to the point of redundancy. Well, this Spring 2013 put all those critics back in their seat. The first fashion show I ever watched was a Ralph Lauren Spring show, set in a garden. It was spell-binding and I was instantly hooked to fashion for life. Again, for this I personally am grateful. This collection moved beyond American Fashion to a more richly global direction that seemed to embody all of the elements he used throughout the years that have followed since that Garden Show. There were ruffles, there was color, there was drama (dresses and gowns bright as a Matador’s cape) , there was culture (French Berets and Spanish Bullfighters right down to the Toreador jackets and gaucho pants), and collectible accessories (red shoes, hammered handbags, hats, scarves and long colorful earrings). There were Stars (Jessica Alba,  Ryan Lochte, Olivia Wilde, as well as Top Models like Karlie Kloss), and there was wearability. Every piece of every look was somehow wearable. This is the magic of Ralph Lauren. He takes high fashion and makes it accessible. It can be Gaucho but somehow it is still American Fashion. He is so rooted in it that each collection looks like what you would wear if you were really, really chic with terribly fashionable places to go. So at least we know that next Spring we will be steeped in red, black, and blue, and probably have a hammered leather handbag, or a blouse (or dress) with tightly ruffles shoulders. Or, at least we will want to.

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  1. This was my favorite show! I absolutely LOVE Raplh Lauren. His style & clothes are so wearable & fit so well with my lifestyle. I own more Ralph Lauren than any other designer and see several pieces I’d love to be able to get from this show too!!

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