Vera Wang Spring 2013

Vera Wang has done it again. She is setting the new trend for Spring 2013. The Little Lace Dress. That’s right, the Little Black Dress (fondly referred to as the LBD) is so yesterday. In fact, fashion darlings, look in your closet. How many Little Black Dresses do you own? And how different are they from each other, say in a cocktail lounge or club? That’s what we thought. The Vera Wang Spring 2013 Collection is going to liberate you from all that black and give you something to stand out and be gorgeous in. Though Vera was  not the only one to introduce this new evening phenomenon, she definitely sets the trend rolling with her design shifting collection. She steered us right into color. The collection started out with no less that eight white looks (a first for Vera, except in bridal) and pieces so colorful that we had to check our ticket again to  make sure we were in the right show. Known for all that fussy black tulle, this was a lighter, more streamlined Vera that tapped into the paintbox. Batik prints and lace patterns that were so intracate that it takes close inspection to appreciate the detail and workmanship. The collection ended in gold. Not bright, brassy gold, but the kind you find in ancient tombs. Consider yourself warned, the Hollywood pack will gobble up those LLD’s before Spring even arrives (just ask the Hollywood Reporter). Miami Olivia suggests pre-order.

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