J.Mendel Spring 2013

Giles Mendel must be feeling the pressure from the animal fur protest groups since there was very little in the Spring 2013 Collection for J.Mendel, the house that was built on that particular luxury component of the Fashion Industry.  As stated in the past, Miami Olivia does not get involved with the politics of the Fashion Industry except where it promotes positive impact. Rather, we attempt to cover the what is presented in light of our humble opinion. With that in mind, we will discuss the sumptuous Spring 2013 Collection of J.Mendel, fur or no fur. What we did see were sheer dresses and gowns with tight waists and flared, sometimes press-pleated skirts. Sheer pastel gowns floated down the runway like a cloud of gossamer. Indeed some of the garments looked fairy tale like with rosette adornments at the waist. The pants were slim and silk, ending at a very chic ankle. One pair of shorts was all-over laser cut kid leather that was essentially see through. The sheer garments all had under cover that was visible to further emphasize the delicacy of the chiffon. The design feat came (no pun intended) with the pencil thin stilettos of rich color combinations (licorice and grape, tangerine  with blood orange and peach) with tiny high straps. Sexy doesn’t even begin to describe. We could forgive Giles anything for these shoes. The handbags complimented the garments that were drenched in ripe tangerines and grape. Giles knows how to capture a woman’s heart; the only disappointment in this fashion show was that it didn’t go on forever.

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