Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

Marc Jacobs is the New York powerhouse of fashion and design. His Marc Jacobs fashion show is pure theater. It changes the way we think, just like a really good performance can. But the Marc by Marc Jacobs line is designed for those of us that actually want to wear Marc Jacobs in public and try to look chic. The massive volume of clothing that Marc designs is mind boggling enough when one looks at all that he does, but this line has a bit of something for everyone at every level of wardrobe. We will leave the large portion of menswear out of this discussion and concentrate on what walked that runway for women. It’s not that Marc thinks we will actually wear all of the pieces from each carefully styled look, it’s that he needs a huge inventory for the massive market he has created. Many types of department  and boutique stores will have the luxury of choosing a collection to target their market because, quite simply, the collection is gigantic. It has been said of Marc Jacobs that he gives the customer what they want even before they themselves know what that is. For Spring 2013, it will be scarves. The Live Life in Living Color brightly patterned scarves; wrapped around the waist (gypsy style), tied around the head (headband or turban style), slung around the neck to pull an otherwise incongruous look together and purposefully chic. The layers of gently ruffled skirts, tops, loose pants, striped sweaters, splashy raincoats, and accessories are there for the choosing. Marc is telling us that interesting clothes are meant to be mixed and matched. And shall can we discuss those accessories? Handbags in every color with clear pockets to hold electronic essentials, iPad cases to match outfits, shoes with exaggerated smooth silhouettes, fashion jewelry to pile on or wear alone, where does he find the time? And does he actually want us to wear socks under sandals? Maybe. But maybe this was his way of saying that clothing we want to wear on the streets, to work, on the weekend, and out for fun should be comfortable as well as colorful. We just didn’t know it.

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