Mulberry Spring 2013

Since 2008 Mulberry has been on a whirling upswing of style. Creative Director Emma Hill claims to have captured the deep rooted English countryside style and packaged it in contemporary dressing. Not an easy feat. But the city could use a bit of sweetening. And now they are bringing all that English design to the Far East where it is considered not only charming but appealing to the younger fashion hungry. This is not to say that Mulberry has not been venerated for their iconic handbags made right in lamb covered hills of Somerset, England. They have. And they continue to make delicious and desirable handbags which strutted the runway with all that Mulberry Fashion. Though we love the leather cape and outerwear, the mint green looks, and soft dresses, we were just hoping for a bit more color in the gowns. Black for spring can be tricky unless one accessories. Mulberry also seems to embrace the whole, “I have a dog and she had accessories (or even clothes), so get over it” mentalityWe know her Social Media PR girl‘s diva pooch named Butters with a wardrobe that rivals her owner, is case in point. She has her own Twitter account, and has been known to stow-away to Fashion Shows in one of those iconic handbags. And let’s face it, the handbags were the stars of the show along with those mint booties. The chunky overcoats do remind us that England is a wet climate in Spring but we would have like to see more of the garments hidden underneath. At home in charming England, on the city streets of the world, or the shining lights of Hong Kong markets, a little bit of  adorable Mulberry is meant to be everywhere.

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