Moschino Spring 2013

Moschino Spring 2013 opened like a color book of 1960’s Pan Am Stewardesses and a box of crayons. Always full of chic whimsy with stunning Italian design Moschino creative director Rosella Jardini knows just how to put Fashion in the right context: Fun. With chin-strap hats and smooth teased hair, this was Beatles Mania at it’s best.  All that was missing were the screaming fans. Starting with black and white; striped, piped, mirrored, blocked, Jardini sent out one fabulous retro look after another. Even accessories were in perfect unison. Then, as if the red crayon escaped, a bright mini-dress was a reminder to the wild color of the 60’s era. Each color brought more life to the collection until, as if showing us how to put it altogether, the daisy and flower-power looks came. The spectacular sequin details on the color crayon prints brought 1960 whimsy into 2013 chic. The show is always so uplifting that Moschino leaves you with hearts and smiles.

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