Versace Spring 2013

Donatella Versace is on a major upswing with the Britney Spears Cover of Elle Magazine for October 2012. The still fresh-faced Blond Bad Girl of Pop wore a studded (evidently priceless, since one is directed to call the company for prices up on request) black bustier dress along with her sweet brown eyes. Donatella may have been channeling the star as the Versace Spring 2013 Collection looks as if it was designed to keep Britney Spears in one stunning look after another. Even the models’ hair matched the Pop Queen’s hairstyle on that cover. If you look at the gushing Versace during Gianni’s time, you see a much heavier look. Donatella has been able to take the brand, bring it up to modern standards (read: accessible and wearable, pop queens or fashion queens) and make it her own while retaining the famous Versace image and spirit. The first series of looks were essentially lingerie worn for clothing. Petal applique, leather and lace, pink and black leather; Rocker-Chick uniform for the little “bad-girl” in a woman. The collection moved through tops, jeans, skirts, dresses and accessories with tie-dye, bleach-out, asymmetrical slits (front and back, top and bottom). But the pieces that had the silver embellishments were the best work. Silver strands, fine as hair graced skirts, belts, boots, and bodices, even handbags. Silver medallions and straps, strategically placed to draw attention to the brand without screaming, gave it the priceless look of the Britney Spears dress. After Spring 2013, there is no denying that Versace is back on top as a covetable world luxury brand and Donatella is just as talented as her brother.

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