Alexander McQueen Spring 2013

Like a hornet on the loose, Sarah Burton chose everything Bee-hive as her theme for Spring 2013. From the first wasp-waisted look to the final flower covered hive, this Collection dripped Honey Bee. The styling, not straying too far from her earliest designs, was consistently spun throughout. The runway was a honeycomb of tiles, the screen behind a close-up of bees on duty, bustiers of honey-resin color, bee jewelry, skirts resembling a traditional hive. It was all there. There was even a little sting as several dark and sparkly looks giving the impression of hornets. Of particular design interest were several pairs of pants and dresses that bore open-work honeycomb as well as the intricate overweaving and row upon row of furbelow ruffles. There was even a handbag made of jet black that mirrored the comb design. The shoes were the fait accompli of the Collection; reverse plexi-glass heels filled with what looked like bees eggs and honeycomb leather vamps along with boots of glitterati mesh over-the-knee. Hats shadowed the models’ faces in Beekeeper secrecy. The jewelry, however, couldn’t be missed. Wide amber tortoise cuffs (sprinkled with tiny crystal winged bees)  and chokers resembling a June swarm of bees completed the looks. Most of the designs had some type of corset, some of which were solid tortoise plastic (restrictive but illustrative of Bee Armor), some silken cords woven to resemble cages. The coherence of the Collection and level of workmanship was part of the message. A hive (all of its diverse members) works together to capture the beauty of Spring in flowers and harvest it to a substance that sustains. We have but one brief chance to do our job here for the collective sweetness of life.

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