Elie Saab Spring 2013

So Paris Fashion Week ends on a high note with the Elie Saab Spring 2013 Collection. Full of graceful, ladylike charm, nude blushes, and lacy things in extreme contrast to the infighting the Fashion Industry is inflicting upon itself as designers, journalists, and assorted periphery (who are always up for a good mud-slinging fight) swing fists at each other. Like the calm child in the family, Mr. Saab delivered a collection that quietly celebrates the form of a woman. Brilliant shorts-suits, blush day dresses, color streaked cocktails, and glittering Red Carpet gowns all speaking of something elegant, in stark contrast to the ugly fighting outside. Like a petaled flower pushing through the hard concrete, Elie Saab reminds us that it is really all about the Fashion. We are all here together and we will either rise together, like his floating gowns, or not at all. The Elie Saab look is so decidedly elegant and such a perfect way for women to express themselves that it is no surprise The Red Carpet is sprinkled with his gorgeously beaded and chiffon gowns season after season. Thank you Elie Saab for gently closing the chapter on Fashion Month Spring 2013, you will linger like sweet perfume long after the fighting is forgotten.

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