Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

So convinced is Marc Jacobs that what his Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Collection sends down the runway (or in this case, the escalators) is what you will want that he goes for the complete cover approach with the authority of a fashion god. And indeed, he is deemed the Fashion God of our time. While the mind of Karl Lagerfeld remains an unpredictable mystery, Marc Jacobs is so keen on his target market that he only needs one theme to made sales happen. And wasn’t this all about sales? Like a giant checkerboard, every look sported the Louis Vuitton Damier check from the handbags. The bold collection took that fabric to new dimensions, carrying it right over from handbags to everything from bra tops and skirts to shoes and gowns. Even the few “floral” pieces were mini checks designed into flowers. The line was long and straight. Gone are the fluffy, frilly merry-go-round looks from last Spring. Color was limited: Black, white, yellow and a splash of green and nude. Somehow it all worked. Looks were shown in pairs to emphasize the mix and match approach. This was, dare we say, a department store collection (nod again to the escalators). The bottom line is: clothes need to sell and Marc Jacobs knows his market. He knows how to wow the crowd and create desire. And the most buzzed about aspect of the collection? The headbands. They will be a sell out and copied countless times by others before Spring pushes out the first green leaf.

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