Fall Fashion Trends

Fall Trends
Fall happens and we all break out our favorite finds from summer shopping. But if you are clever you will wait till Fall arrives to invest in some of the season’s hottest trends. For Fall 2012 we are in love with the flirty skirt. DKNY had quite a few in their Fall 2012 Collection and  now, if you catch it just right, they might just be on sale. Leather, jersey, tweed; any fabric flared at the hem puts a bounce in your step. Or you can shop during one of DKNY’s FEED Causes and feel good about freshening up your wardrobe. Suede is the name of the game in shoes. All summer the suede peep-toes softened summer evening dazzle and now, back with a vengeance for Fall, suede is everywhere. Try a little school-girl chic with lace up Prada booties. The season’s MUST HAVE accessory is the Clutch. Every designer tucked one under an arm on the runway for Fall. Pick one that works day to night and you have it all covered. And for a Fall Splurge, find a corset belt that cinches your waist and matches your style for that Rock-on look.

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