Fendi SS2014

What is to be said about designer Karl Lagerfeld and his Fendi Spring Collection for 2014. The esteemed Tim Blanks talked about the laser cut organza and light as a feather sheared fur, the forward thinking and designer’s obsession with mitigating technology into his collections with pixelated fabrics and high tech constructions. But when it comes right down to it, fashion is to be sold and worn. No one knows this better than Monsieur Lagerfeld. If people like it when it is presented, if they can see themselves wearing it, then it is a success. With collections that range from Macy’s to  the finest couture money can buy, he has subversively taken over the entire spectrum of the Fashion World as we know it. And everything he touches seems to turn to gold. But every season, Fendi, it seems is the one collection that he has the liberty to work a little magic by pushing the limits. The brand has the kind of loyal following that will not only accept what is presented as honest to god gospel fashion truth, but waits in anticipation with padded wallets to gather the pieces of every’s seasons collection like souvenirs from an expensive holiday abroad. And Karl does not disappoint. From dresses, jackets, pants, to gowns, he adds the cascade of accessories to fill the heart of any fashion worshiper right to the brim. In this Fendi Collection the designer indeed used cascading color with some of that hue layered organza, plastics, leathers, even furs into clothing, shoes, handbags, and covetable accessories, like a delightful waterfall of what is to come next Spring.

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