The Return of John Galliano: Maison Martin Margiela 2015 Couture

John Galliano Anna WintourThe wait was long and heart wrenching. But the key people were there to make sure this was not only a triumphant return of the amazing designer that was cast aside from the claws of the fashion world but that the return was a permanent as an exclamation point at the end of a near tragic story. John Galliano has returned, indeed to a fashion house in need of just the talents he possesses. The daring, wily persona has been replaced with a bow tie and tuxedo, for now. But the deconstructed irreverence and simplicity spoke volumes. The making of fashion out of bits and pieces, some from the past, some looked like from the floor, nearly swept away with the refuse. The clear pockets, showing hand free of shame contrasting the color pallet of black and red like a manic depressive that he no longer is. Oh this collection speaks volumes. It is a new chapter of the story that will show what happens when we remember there is a human element behind profitable talent.

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