Cannes: the Ultimate Vacation


The Star Be-dazzled Red Carpet of the Cannes Film Festival 2015 is just another excuse to see all of our favorite Celebs dressed in Cinderella gowns. Seriously, it’s getting to be a weekly affair somewhere or another. But It seems there must have been a been an equally serious Celeb-Drought (other than the gorgeous, “does she ever stop twirling” Lupita Nyong’o) as the best looking gowns were sported by actual models (aka: Karlie Kloss, Lara Stone, Natasha Poly, Cara Delevingne, and a host of others who kissy-faced into the glaring flashes of the gazillion or so shouting “Honey look over here” papparazzi perpetual point-and-shoot positions over le Carpet a la Red. Between Instagram (which I finally caved and joined), Twitter, Pinterest, One-fish, Blue-fish, Snap-this, Snap-that, or whatever is the current “Steal & Post-no-one-really-believes-you-are-there-anyway” Social Media craze of the moment, every picture of every trailing gown and dewy décolleté has already been posted. But does anyone care what the films are? Is the acting worth watching? And mostly: What is the latest slightly disturbing Woody Allen film?
Oh, and I might actually be going to Cannes in August. Not for any show or celeb moment. Just for some peace and relaxation. Anyone who knows me understands it’s my favorite place in the world (so far, because I haven’t been able to convince my dear husband to go to Morocco-yet). So do save me a room at the Carlton Cannes with the most amazing breakfast in the world. Just a peek at the water will do. Now, THAT is a Vacation.

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