sunset“Fabulous is a place where we are.” ~Me

I am one of those people who have been lucky enough to travel most of my life. I was constantly uprooted and moved in my childhood. But rather than let this discourage me, it gave me a sense of wonder and excited anticipation about going someplace new. Life has always been a grand adventure. From a car journey to the Lake Shasta forest to a misty ferryboat ride to a remote island off the coast of Maine, the journey to a new place always gave me a thrill. In more recent years I have traveled to Europe and beyond. The joy from traveling is experiencing the rich and complex structures of the cultures in each place. Sometimes the differences are vast from one region of a single country to another. Certainly this is true in America, where there are also great distances between. But it is startling to find this even in tiny European countries. The amount of fabulous is totally dependent on how much one is willing to explore and absorb the wonders of each new and sometimes treasured place. Like an infant whose world is one big joy of discovery, if you look closely, you will find the fabulous, fabulous joy of place, even if that place is your own back yard.

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 Nice France

 The French Riviera

 St. Tropez

avignon france Avignon

fall porch Cape Cod

palmbeachPalm Beach