Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

So convinced is Marc Jacobs that what his Louis Vuitton Spring 2013 Collection sends down the runway (or in this case, the escalators) is what you will want that he goes for the complete cover approach with the authority of … Continue reading

Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2013

Marc Jacobs is the New York powerhouse of fashion and design. His Marc Jacobs fashion show is pure theater. It changes the way we think, just like a really good performance can. But the Marc by Marc Jacobs line is … Continue reading

Leather me Up!

Fall always brings out some trends. One of the most provocative is leather. Aside from the obvious boots, belts and gloves, leather found its way into the apparel this year more than ever. Thinner and more supple leathers lend themselves to sensuous … Continue reading

I NEED a New Handbag!

What does every girl say at the change of the seasons? Handbags come and handbags go but when fall rolls around, there is nothing better than a new Handbags to usher in all that cool weather, leaf falling, and bundling … Continue reading

Singing the Summer Blues

The days are longer, warmer and sunnier and there is nothing that makes us want to sing the blues more than Summer. Not the “Sad Blues” of the drowned out country western crooner but the “Jump in the Ocean and … Continue reading