Cape Cod: Pilgrimages and Pumpkins

Every year, this time of year, when I step outside seeming to waken from a dream, I notice the leaves have suddenly lost that glossy green and traded it for the lavish, marvelous rich tones of a Fall Fashion Week. … Continue reading

The Palm Before the Storm: Palm Beach, Florida

It was time for a little day trip. I needed to get out and see something beyond the borders of the fast lane in Miami. And for reasons I cannot explain I had never been to Palm Beach, that chicest … Continue reading

Give me Liberty

How Fashionable is Liberty? Depends on your culture and status within. But I ask you how Fashionable can it be? Well, let me tell you with a little story of a weekend to visit the relatives in Pennsylvania. First of … Continue reading

Fall is Kicking In

It seemed like a good time for a Road Trip. Columbus Day is the holiday that no one can seem to figure out, unless you live in New England. Cars get packed with fall gear as we say good-bye to … Continue reading

Nantucket Summer Birthday

The short little plane trip from Hyannis to Nantucket brings you to another quieter world outside the frenzy that one experiences during Cape Cod summers. Two airlines service Nantucket with mosquito planes that hold eight brave passengers who fasten seat … Continue reading